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Hey everyone! It’s no lie that the last few months have been difficult for all of us. With the serious situation that is COVID 19, we want to be sensitive of what is happening in the world while also ensuring the safety of our employees and our clients.


While our operations are currently on standby, we have come up with a COVID Safe plan that will be implemented once we get back to the picture perfect fun! This plan details all considerations and actions that will affect the operations of the photo booths, as well as outlining the plans for precautionary measures such as physical distancing, hygiene and cleanliness.


These measures include frequent sanitation of all equipment used by the photo booth attendants and the guests, digital copies of your prints to minimise surface contact, additional procedures to comply with social distancing measures and other recommended measures to keep all of us safe!

The complete COVID Safe Plan is available *here*


Stay safe and be sure to look out for each other during this challenging time!

All of our well wishes,

The Photo Booth-less Team

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