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contactless sharing

We are so excited to be celebrating with you!

In this new world, we are working to minimise touching of the photo booth as well as to encourage social distancing.
Just doing what we can to keep you all safe having Picture Perfect Fun.

We have a few processes required to be followed to do this!
Your assistance would be amazing to follow:

  • Guests will be invited by the table to use the photo booth
  • There is a limit of 2 guests per session
  • Hand Sanitiser is required to enter the photo booth area

Now for the reason, you are here…

Let’s get Sharing!

To avoid touching the photo booth system, you can pre-register your email address here – then a QR code will be generated – this will allow you to start session without touching the screen, as well as automatically sending you your images from the session!

Pretty Awesome Right!

Please enter your details below, and your QR code will be emailed through to you! Save it on your phone, or Print it out – this is your key to use the system! (Don’t worry we will have someone there to help)

Image Sharing QR Code Pre-registration